Happy #RobertBurns Day from Ukraine!WOW... WOW.. WOW.. MIND BLOWING AWESOME. SUPERB.. ...just blow me away..and touched by such grace, elegants and outstanding class, style and dreamy smoothness. By these ladies that sing with such control, passion, power, direction and skill. Let alone love, understandment and pure beautiful, just oozed and flowed from within them out. I was truly mesmerized by their talents for singing and projecting such meaning with their voices and sentiments from within that just so sweetly resonated and filled my heart and soul and ears.

I just was so carried away by what I heard and felt. I just could not stop crying. By the power of their voices. The lyrics they sang. And the music as well importantly I have got to say also. That rounded it all of to perfection and beyond. The guitarist solo was so sincere and loving. The drummer had such depth, passion and love in his playing. The atmosphere was electric, moving ,tender and comforting, let alone entertaining. joyous and blissful stimulating. I Can not rave or talk about these musicians, singers and performers enough.. As to listen is to truly hear what I am telling you and saying to you.. As soon as you press play. you will be hooked. And this is an instant downloader and keeper for sure.. no hesitant no doubt..

I Can truly tell you someone who is Scottish born and breed.. This really meant a lot to me. To hear such beauty expressed beyond perfection in such a remarkably exquisite beautiful album as this..And to me it did not matter a single moment or time. That I did not speak the language.. But I understood perfectly everything within my heart and soul. As my spirit.. rose and shone and I truly felt everything you said and told me.. I was touched beyond words.. Bravo and thank you so very music. best wishes Dawn aka musictomyears..